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Where High-Performance Computing and the Python Ecosystem Meet Your Challenges Head on to Help You Get the Most from Your Assets

Consulting Services

Custom Software

  • From gluing together what you already have to development of innovative algorithms

  • High-performance computations
  • Parallel routines
  • Interfaces to legacy software
  • Graphical user interfaces

Reservoir Engineering

  • Optimal solutions for your REALLY tough reservoir problems

  • Reservoir engineering
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Resource assessments
  • Reservoir rehabilitation
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Unconventional oil

Expert Witness

  • Helping to identify and most clearly present the points that will lead to the best outcomes

  • Testimony
  • 3D model building
  • Animations
  • Exhibit development



  • Learn to use modern problem solving frameworks

  • Intro to Scientific Scripting with Python
  • Engineering Diagnostics with Python
  • Basic Computational Transport
  • Intermediate Computational Transport
  • Visualization

Reservoir Engineering

  • From fundamental principles to optimal profitability

  • Intro to Reservoir Engineering with Python
  • Intro to Reservoir Simulation
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Intermediate Reservoir Simulation
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering


  • Custom team training using your assets

  • Integration of courseware with your specific projects
  • Integration of training and management of specific reservoirs
  • Getting the most from our core services



  • A general-purpose productivity and educational environment for scientific scripting with Python

  • An intelligent guide through scientific computing's bumpy pathways
  • Used with our training
  • Light-duty editing
  • Many built-in examples
  • Integrated curve-fitting and simple drawing
  • Visualization configured to "just work"


  • Pronounced like "inspires," a reservoir simulation framework used internally and for training

  • Under active development
  • Sequential and parallel versions
  • Data files are Python scripts
  • Designed for tight integration with Python visualization and data modules


  • Nonlinear solver for grid-based coupled systems

  • Under active development
  • Sequential and parallel versions
  • Used internally with nSpyres


Under construction, but eventually useful references for these and more topics

Unconventional Oil

  • Things you should definitely know about unconventional oil resources

  • The vast majority of unconventional oil wells lose money even at $100 per barrel
  • Initial oil rates and EUR are virtually independent
  • With the right information, it is possible to predict EUR prior to completion
  • Why accept someone's wishful thinking when you can get reliable numbers?

Scientific Computing

  • Information on cutting-edge tools, incuding:

  • GPU computng
  • Productivity frameworks
  • Multiphysics tools
  • Innovative algorithms

Forward Thinking

  • New technical and scientific breakthroughs, including:

  • Advances in 3D printing
  • New materials
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advances in computational technologies


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